Buy UPC EAN Barcodes in Spain Quickly and Affordably

Buy UPC EAN Barcodes in Spain

Authentic and Cheap Barcodes in Spain

The most efficient and convenient way to obtain UPC and EAN barcode numbers in Spain  . There are no hidden annual or renewal service fees when purchasing barcodes. You can purchase GS1 Approved Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN), Universal Product Codes (UPC), and European Article Numbers (EAN).

Buy authentic barcodes in Spain with BuyBarcodesCheap

We provide barcodes in a variety of formats, including PNG, JPG, PDF, TXT, SVG, and various styles. UPC and EAN Barcode numbers, spreadsheets, and barcode graphics are available in both vector and rasterized lossless formats. You can either print them or use them online.

European Article Number

The International Article Number (also known as European Article Number or EAN) is a standard describing a barcode symbology and numbering system used in global trade to identify a specific retail product type, in a specific packaging configuration, from a specific manufacturer.

The European Article Number (EAN) is a 13-digit product identification code that is barcode standard. You can use them worldwide.

Universal Product Code

The Universal Product Code (UPC or UPC code) is a barcode symbology that is widely used worldwide for tracking trade items in stores. It’s used in global trade to identify a specific retail product type, from a specific manufacturer.

The Universal Product Code (UPC) is a 12-digit product identification code that is barcode standard. UPC(s) are 12-digit bar codes that are widely used on retail packaging in the United States and Canada.

UPC-12/EAN-13 Standard

  • Used in stores in Spain – Many stores worldwide accept our UPC EAN barcodes. Accepted by many of the world’s largest online and retail stores, including Amazon, eBay, iTunes, CD Baby, eMAG, Flipkart, and Newegg.
  • Barcode Prefix – We also provide a variety of prefix UPC/EAN codes.
  • Unique and GS1 Verified Barcodes – All Our barcodes are GS1 verified barcodes. The EAN and UPC barcode numbers that have been registered can be found in the Global Electronic Party Information Registry.
  • Legal Barcodes – All our barcodes were originally issued by UCC/GS1.
  • Both work EAN and UPC codes can be used for online/offline retailers.

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