How To Buy UPC/EAN Barcodes for Using in Japan. Purchase UPC/EAN Codes For Use on Amazon and Many Retailers

People that want to offer their products on local retailers as well as online outlets such as Amazon, eBay, iTunes, Jet, CD Baby, Spotify, Shopify, Sears, Newegg, and others are looking for barcodes such as UPC or EAN. If you’ve been wondering how to buy UPC/EAN barcodes for use in Japan, your search is over. All you have to do is sit back and watch as we walk you through this topic.

When preparing to launch a new product in Japan or many other countries where barcodes are required, a basic step is to secure a UPC/EAN barcode (Universal Product Code and The European Article Number) to use on your product.

As part of the listing process, many retailers require a unique identity, and UPC/EANs are the most widely utilized. So, what is the easiest approach to obtain a barcode, you may wonder?


We will assist you in purchasing GS1 Verified barcode numbers. As a result, you can easily get your own barcodes from our website. It’s a fairly simple process to get your barcodes for use in Japan and around the world. You can have one or more. You can easily purchase the quantities you need. Furthermore, GS1 validated barcodes are available for an indefinite period of time. Your barcodes will never be invalidated. There is no time limit. They will always be yours.

Cheap Barcodes

You only have to pay once for your barcodes. There are no extra fees or hidden expenses. No need to register. There is no need for product information. You are not required to tell us which products you will be allocating barcodes to.

Our barcodes are suitable for both online and offline retailers. You can use them in Japan and all across the world.

Steps to Purchasing UPC/EAN Barcodes in Japan

You can obtain barcodes for Japan and the rest of the world by following the procedures below:

1.Click Here for Pricing and Purchase of UPC or EAN Codes
2.Relax and wait for your barcodes to arrive.
3.In less than 6 hours, we will deliver your barcodes to your email address or (PayPal email address). It usually takes 30-60 minutes.

BuyBarcodesCheap is a legitimate barcode number issuer. All of the numbers we sell were issued by the Uniform Code Council (UCC), currently known as GS1.

What are the advantages of purchasing barcodes from you?

We provide barcodes at a low one-time cost. A single barcode costs only $2.50 USD. There is no charge for subscriptions or renewals. We don’t charge any annual fees for our barcodes; they are a one-time cost. There are no restrictions on how you can utilize your barcode numbers. You get a lifetime guarantee that you can use as you wish.

Furthermore, we offer additional barcodes as a free gift. Our prompt service! Our friendly customer care team is standing by to assist you.

What Do You Think You’ll Get?

  • Email delivery is quick:
  • UPC/EAN barcode images in JPG, PNG, EPS, SVG, TXT, and PDF formats, as approved by GS1 (upon request)
  • Guaranteed for Life
  • There are no membership fees or renewals.

If you use Amazon, Amazon will generate barcodes for you once you create a listing with the UPC/EAN barcodes you purchased from us; all you have to do is input the barcodes during the listing creation process and then print item labels from the Manager Inventory menu. You can use your own barcode that you purchased from us on Amazon, or you can print the Amazon Item Label and use it instead (or place it over an existing barcode). Our Amazon Guide can be found on Our FAQ page.

Buy UPC Barcodes Online

Buy EAN Barcodes Online

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