How To Get a US Phone Number For eBay, Telegram, WhatsApp and Bank Verification

On many occasions, everyone needs a US Phone Number for verification purpose but we all are living outside of USA so we can’t get a real US mobile phone to use for verificational purposes but it’s now easier to get a virtual phone number that can help us in verifying our accounts of eBay, Telegram WhatsApp, some Banks & many others.

You’ve probably visited many sites until you come to our website. And in many sites are told that download and use some mobile applications for receiving the verification code. But most of them are not worked. In this article we will show you how to get an US Virtual Phone Number, where you will get 100% verification code for eBay, Telegram, WhatsApp, some Banks and many others.

There are many sites or apps that provide US virtual phone numbers. But most of them don’t get the verification code. But you don’t have to worry about it. With a website that we will share with you, you will have access to an US virtual phone number in 3-18 hours that will easily exceed this problem and receive a verification code.

And another good thing is it’s price.  You can get a virtual US phone number for just 12.99 USD!

What Does This Website Provide?

USA Phone Number for eBay, Telegram, WhatsApp Account, some Banks Verification and More!

Tested in receiving sms from eBay, Telegram, WhatsApp, some Banks etc. 

Use for : Confirm mobile on some Banks SMS for get verify 100%

Use for : Confirm mobile on eBay for get verified seller 100%

Use for : Confirm mobile on Telegram for get verified seller 100%

Use for : Confirm mobile on WhatsApp for get verified your accounts and Many others!

How does it work?

  1. You just purchase a Virtual US Phone Number from this website. (Click Here To Get Your USA Virtual Phone Number)
  2. They create it. They send the delivery on your registered email.
  3. They provide phone access login details, where you will get the sms/voice sms.
  4. That’s it. No any further steps. They don’t require anything.

They will complete your order maximum time in 3/18 hour and send your phone number details to your email address. In the meantime you can use the coupon code below to get %10 OFF!!!

” Coupon code : 10dis “

(Click Here To Get Your USA Virtual Phone Number Now)

Thank you for reading our article!

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