How To Open a US Bank Account as a Non Resident? Setting up US Bank Account From Home Online and Remotely

Do you want to open a US bank account remotely? If so, you are in the right place. Just sit back and read our article carefully..

As you know, opening a bank account in the U.S. is quite difficult, mainly because of tough laws to prevent money laundering. However, with some preparation and a little patience, you can still make it happen. Here’s how to go about it.

Nowadays, The people who live outside USA are looking for a US Bank Account to use for many purposes. You need this as well.  Likely you have seen a lot of websites where provide some information regarding how to get a US bank account. And they have just showed many difficult ways  or just tell you can open virtual bank accounts such as Payoneer, Neteller etc.

No matter where you live in,  it’s really difficult to get a US bank account remotely for the people who live outside USA. Many banks don’t open for non-US residents.

Please just focus on this article. Because we have some good news for you. You don’t need to worry about it. In this article we shared a digital US Bank account for non-US Citizens. So you will be able to use that for many purposes. You can use this bank account for Stripe, Amazon etc.

This bank is the first bank in USA for Global Clients. This bank makes it easy and safe for everyone to access, send, receive and store money in the United States from anywhere in the world.

You can easily open a multi currency US bank account remotely. They accept individual and business accounts without the need of American residency. They currently don’t serve, they  collect their customers so you can join their waitlist.  So you can secure your spot in the waiting list and participate in exclusive promotions while they approach go live date.


You will just need to enter your nationality, name and email address. That’s it.

Thanks for reading our article. Good Luck!



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