How To Open a US Verified PayPal Account. Can I Open a New PayPal Account in the US Without a Social Security Number (SSN)?

In this article we will talk about how to open a US verified PayPal account and how we can use it. You can open both a US individual and business account. No VPN is required for a business account. You can log in to your PayPal account from your own IP address. For individual accounts you will need to use a VPN. For individual accounts, let’s connect with the US IP and we’ll never log in without a VPN after opening our account.

You’ve probably visited many sites until you come to our website. And in many sites are told that you need to open a virtual bank account through Payoneer for getting your US PayPal account. In this article we’ll show you how to open a 100% verified US PayPal account .

In order to access the US PayPal account, you know that we need a US bank account, Credit card and SSN. It’s really hard to have all this together. That’s why most people find it hard to open a US PayPal account. But you don’t have to worry about it. With a website we will share with you, you will easily handle this problem and you will have access to the 100% verified US PayPal account within 12-24 hours.

These accounts are Verified by- VCC (Virtual Credit Card) + Phone Verified + Bank (Virtual Bank Account) + SSN + Address Verification.

What will you get with 100% Verified USA Paypal Account?

You will get US phone access, name, address, date of birth, card details, bank details, business name and SSN number.

NOTE: They don’t provide any documents/scan copy.

Actually, the procedures are very simple. What you need to do is obtained a verified US PayPal account by going to the site we shared below. Prices vary between $ 25- $ 55.


Search “Us Verified PayPal Account” after going to the site then you will find a share like in the picture. You will be lead to the associated page when you click on it.

They also provide other services. There are also services like Amazon, Payza, Skrill, Adwords phone verification and virtual bank account, Google Play Developer, Virtual Bank and Credit Card accounts and so on.

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