Purchase Barcodes Online For Retail Products. Amazon Barcodes For Sale

In this article we will be talking about purchasing barcodes for retail products.

We know that we need a barcode (UPC/EAN) number for manual product listing on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay. You can use these codes not only for Amazon and eBay, but also for Google, iTunes, Spotify, CD Baby and many eCommerce stores. And you can also use these codes for retail products.(in supermarkets, local stores etc)

What is a Bar Code?

A barcode (or bar code) is a unique sequence of digits that is used to identify an item or product. Most barcodes on retail products are in either EAN (13 digit) or UPC (12 digit) format. A barcode number can be turned into a barcode image (vertical black bars). When a barcode images is scanned at a checkout counter, product information will appear on the checkout screen. (What is a UPC or EAN)

Where Can I Get Barcodes Securely? 

Our company offers affordable barcodes at a one-off price.

Low cost – each barcode is only 2,50 USD

No ongoing fees. No Subscription. Our barcodes are a one-off price, we don’t charge any annual fees.

No compulsory membership, no time-consuming forms, and no restrictions on they ways in which you choose to use your barcode numbers. You own your barcode for life, and you can use it however you want to.

Fast Delivery! We usually process orders within minutes of receiving them (contact us if you need your barcodes urgently). Sometimes it takes a little longer. We usually deliver the barcodes within 10-45 min. 

NOTE: If you do not get your order within 10-45 min:

1.Please check your spam folder

2. Contact us! (We will reply back as soon as possible.)

If I Purchase A Barcode From Your Website, How Will I Receive It?

If you order a barcode package through our website here or via email, you will receive your barcode by email with the images or excel file as attached files (jpeg, png, svg & pdf, xlsx, txt) as you requested.

How To Use These Codes in Supermarkets/Local Stores

Retailers/Online stores/Supermarkets will have to add your barcode and product to their own internal database system. Once they scan it your product info will be shown in their database. That’s what you need!

We offer bulk pricing and giving some gift codes 😊 for certain sales. 




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