What is an eBook? How To Earn Money By Selling eBooks. Where To Sell eBooks Without a Website

What is an eBook?

eBook (Electronic Book) are electronic books adapted to digital formats or created in digital formats. eBooks, which are the transfer of traditional books to digital platforms, offer many different advantages to both users and publishers. While publishers reduce many expenses such as publishing and shipping to zero, readers can buy the eBooks they want at much more affordable and economical prices. Moreover, unlike printed books, readers can carry thousands of eBooks in just one device and carry their books with them all the time.

I Want to Sell eBooks. But Where To Sell eBooks Without My Own Website

You can sell your own eBooks without your own website. The first thing that comes to mind is to build and sell a website. Of course, this should be one of our sales channels, but not only with the site. Various platforms of this should also be used. Platforms such as Google Play, Amazon, Apple store and Publitory come first. You can sell your e-book at the same time on all of these platforms.

But is that all? Of course not. If you have a foreign language or if you can have your e-book translated into a foreign language, you can sell it to foreign countries at high prices. The best way to do this is to use the affiliate marketing system. Selling e-books, especially in foreign systems, usually make you make a lot of money, since it is in dollar terms.

8 amazing websites to sell your eBooks on

Google Play

By the way, we have a good website for you. We highly recommend this website to design and sell your eBooks. You can also do eBook cover design, print, publish and sell your books.   Click here to learn more about it!

How  To Earn Money By Selling eBooks

You can earn money by selling your eBooks on the platforms we mentioned above. And you can also make your own eBooks on BookBaby.

Making money by writing and selling e-books is one of the passive income models. In other words, there is no exact figures about how much it will make you earn. It is known that there are millions of earners abroad. To give an example from anyone else, Some people have earned 30 $ on a single sale. In other words, it is not difficult to earn in the same way on other platforms. For this reason, writing more than one e-book with high quality will increase your earnings. It is up to you to just check your account and get your money..

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