What is SEMrush? How Does It Work? How To Use SEMrush


When it comes to comprehensive and in-depth SEO Analysis and Digital Marketing, SEMrush is of course the first-line analysis tool. SEMrush will be an ideal assistant with the task of an all-in-one tool package created for you if you aim to raise your website to a higher quality and well-structured level, increase the ranking level in search engines, especially Google, discover critical information on digital marketing and apply them at a professional level.

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush, which we can call the most comprehensive among SEO tools, distinguishes itself from its competitors with many analysis support from SEO to Ads (Adwords) and digital marketing ads. SEMrush is a very successful and functional tool that analyzes and suggests keywords through domain. (If you would like to learn more info about SEMrush, Please Click Here!)

SEMrush Prices

SEMrush, which has many package and price options, has a price range of $ 99 to $ 399 per month. In order to become a SEMrush user and benefit from many of its tools. Although the given numbers seem like many, you can understand that it is worth it for the features it offers. It offers digital marketing support from backlinks to social media ads.

How to Use SEMrush

The SEMrush tool, which covers many topics such as ad management, content marketing, social marketing and seo, offers a lot of metrics.

  • Number of visitors per month and time table,
  • Visitor source,
  • The source language of the visitors,
  • Backlinks to the website are Nofollow, Dofollow rates,
  • Most visited pages,
  • AdWords click-through rate and costs on the pages,
  • Word rankings,
  • Current ranking according to competitors,
  • Mobile performance,

How to Add a Project to SEMrush

After logging in to add your website to the SEMrush Projects section, you can use the 3 different Projects fields in the image below. You can easily create your project by typing the name of your site through any of these options.

While entering the site address, you can add your site in the following format. You can see your added project under the “Projects” section on the left sidebar and switch between your multiple projects from this area.

SEMrush Dashboard

After creating the project, you will see 12 different titles in the dashboard section where you can create the details of your project. 

  1. Site Audit
  2. Position Tracking
  3. On Page SEO Checker
  4. Social Media Tracker
  5. Social Media Poster
  6. Brand Monitoring
  7. Backlink Audit
  8. Link Building
  9. PPC Keyword Tool
  10. Ad Builder
  11. Organic Traffic Insights
  12. Content Analyzer


SEMrush's Listing Management

What Does SEMrush Do?

Examining many reports on a single tool can stay free for the price. SEMrush, which provides follow-up to the activities in Adwords (Ads) and social media ads compared to the competitors, can also see how much the competitors have allocated for advertising thanks to the Advertising Toolkit.

SEMrush offers superior performance in social media just like Google Ads. You can examine competitors’ social media accounts and solve their strategies. You can also share your posts and ads by organizing them with the scheduling feature.

Finally, SEMrush, which has taken over the content marketing management, helps you with the tasks that force you to follow and measure. With the Content Marketing Toolkit tool, it enables you to reach the content marketing data of your site and make measurements, the data you can obtain about content marketing,

  • Word Ratio,
  • Connection Rate,
  • Backlink Rate,
  • Post Rate Shared on Social Media,
  • Google Ranking,
  • Title, meta description and H1 Tags,
  • Release dates.


Dear readers, in this article you learned what SEMrush is, how to use SEMrush and how it works. Hope this article has been useful for you!

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