What Is The Difference Between UPC, EAN, ISBN And ASIN? How To Get Barcodes For My Products. Buy Barcodes For Amazon

We know that we need a barcode (UPC/EAN) number for manual product listing on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay. You can use these codes not only for Amazon and eBay, but also for Google or iTunes.

What is a UPC Code?

Universal Product Code (UPC) is a 12-digit bar code used extensively for retail packaging in United States.

Although there are several different types of bar codes, the UPC symbol appears on nearly every retail product in the United States, making it the most versatile and recognizable type of product code in this part of the world. It consists of a bar code with a GTIN-12 number beneath.  (Get Your UPC Now) 

What is an EAN Code?

The European Article Number (EAN) is a barcode standard, a 12- or 13-digit product identification code. Each EAN uniquely identifies the product, manufacturer, and its attributes; typically, the EAN is printed on a product label or packaging as a bar code.

An EAN code is a unique combination of figures used to identify an object on the basis of a European system (‘EAN’ stands for ‘European Article Numbering’). (Click Here to Get GS1 EAN) 

What is an ISBN?

An International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a unique identifier required to sell your book through most major retailers, like Amazon or Barnes & Noble. An ISBN is usually a series of digits combined with a bar code.

Why is an ISBN so important? Books and published media often travel and get sold all around the world, hence the ISBN is a good way for a publisher to keep track of how much it is selling and where.

What is ASIN?

Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASINs) are unique blocks of 10 letters and/or numbers that identify items.  These numbers was created by Amazon to manage and organize their online retail catalog…essentially acting as their “SKU”. So an ASIN can have an MPN associated with it as well as the SKU number of a 3rd party seller using their own SKU naming system.

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